Education for Seniors

“I believe that seniors have been underserved in the insurance and financial industries.”
Dana Rattenbury

senior citizens learning.Dana Rattenbury is an insurance specialist who is passionate about her work. She works with seniors individually and in small group settings to educate, inform and help them to determine where they may be at risk. “Seniors are traditionally underserved and under-informed about insurance products”, says Dana, “and my mission is to help them make educated choices and be smart about protecting themselves, their businesses, their savings, properties, and everything they’ve worked hard for.” She often reminds them that “Insurance is not as difficult or expensive as you think!”

A friend suggested I talk with Dana about supplemental coverage with Medicare. Dana sat down with both of us to examine our current individual medical needs as well as to learn about our medical services preferences. A couple of weeks later she returned with several options for premium and copays as well as the prescriptions we needed. That was three years ago. Dana's guidance has reduced our premium costs substantially, given us the best benefits we could find, and reduced our drug costs. Dana has helped us transfer into the Medicare jungle and survive! Thanks, Dana, for all you do.
Phyllis G.

As a personal insurance guide and advocate, Dana empowers her clients to make informed decisions. To schedule a complimentary consult call Dana at 412.956.2704 or attend one of her community workshops.

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